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How a holiday to Fiji will make you happier

Taking a holiday brings many levels of happiness to those lucky enough to take one. Whether it’s exploring nature, meeting locals or taking time to switch off the phone and unwind, there are so many benefits to taking a holiday which can make you feel happier.

But for an enriching holiday we suggest to head to the place ‘where happiness finds you’… Fiji!

For International Day of Happiness (20th March), we share six reasons, based on Happiness Expert and psychologist Professor Lea Waters’ guiding principles on finding happiness, why Fiji is the place where happiness will find you!

Bulanaire, Tomasi Kinikinilau

1. Just getting there

Travelling to Fiji is much closer than you think, meaning a great short break option for Australians seeking a pacific island holiday. Beach and cocktails in less than 4 hours? Yes please!

With over 300 tropical islands to explore and year-round sunshine and warmth, travellers will feel instant happiness once they step off the plane.

2. Be part of the local community

Giving and sharing creates stronger connections between people and helps communities build a happier society. This is at the heart of Fijian way of life. Sign up with Hands on Journeys who have developed small group tours which allow travellers to immerse themselves in Fiji. Each tour gives travellers an insight into how these communities live, and in turn supports them by giving opportunities to grow, learn and earn an income.

Or take a tour with Sigatoka River Safari, a thrill-seeking half-day eco and cultural adventure tour which takes you along the magnificent Sigatoka River and follows with a visit to an authentic Fijian village to experience a day in the life of a Fijian.

3. Fun and adventure

Fiji is full of in-the-moment adventure. Choose from riding a world-class wave at Cloud Break, reeling in a big fish, diving amongst colourful coral reefs, quad biking through the highlands or zip-lining through pristine rainforests. Fiji is home to an abundance of fun, adventure and activities. Staying active, enjoying daily life with activity and immersing yourself in nature is a way to keep mind and body connected, making us happier. This doesn’t have to be strenuous, it can be as simple as sharing skills with friends, such as dancing or singing, again something which is intrinsic in Fijian daily life.

Zipline Trip

4. Disconnect to reconnect

Fiji is located in the heart of the South Pacific, far away from the hustle and bustle of major cities. This means visitors can easily disconnect and slowdown, which can benefit overall wellbeing.

Tap into the feeling of relaxation and peace by practicing some yoga on the beach or spoiling yourself to a spa treatment – many resorts also offer world-class spa treatments, or you can visit the Pure Fiji Day Spa in Suva.

However, relaxing and finding peace can be as simple as taking a good book and finding some shade under a palm tree for ‘me time’.

5. Humour and positive emotions

Soak up the Bula Spirit. Fijians are always laughing and joking and are quick to share light-hearted moments with friends and strangers alike. Sharing a friendly “Bula!” is just as contagious as a smile.

6. The simple things in life

Fiji’s deserted beaches, idyllic sunsets, crystal clear waters and serene vistas help to remind you of the simple pleasures of relaxing and forgetting life’s complicated worries. It might be the welcome song you hear when you arrive at your resort, or a friendly Bula as you walk around a village.

Learning to accept life’s pleasures increases enjoyment in life and our overall wellbeing. Fijians are blessed with a life rich in natural beauty, but you can also enjoy this as soon as you land. Or for the infamous aqua waters and white sandy islands that Fiji is famed for, jump on a boat from Denarau Marina, and in just 20 minutes you can find yourself at Malamala Beach Club.

Malamala Beach Club


Click here too enjoy the Bula Spirit of laughter!
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Bulanaire, Eroni Bole