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PEPR Agency brings stories and ideas to life through words, pictures and sound. We are engaged participants in our clients’ success, using strategic communications to drive their businesses.


• Brand strategy & positioning
• Campaign concepts,
management & measurement
• Crisis management
• Concept creation
• Media events
• Product launches
• Media fams
• Thought leadership
• Executive & C-Suite profiling
• Media training
• Speaking engagement

• Brochure, website, EDM
• Speech writing, reporting
• Advertising & paid content
• Video concepts & production

• Talent & blogger leveraging
• Advocacy
• Contract negotiation
• Product seeding
• Organic & paid content strategy
• Community management
• Influencer engagement
• Media buying


PEPR Agency is a leading communications business founded by Philip Engelberts, a highly regarded PR practitioner of more than 25 years.

Since Philip started the company in 2003, PEPR’s team of specialists has been at the Australian forefront of media relations, executive profiling, event production, and content creation for industry-leading brands.

Past and present clients include Hilton, Webjet Limited and BT Financial. While the agency has extensive expertise in travel and tourism, we have worked with a range of corporate clients including franchise businesses such as Zeus Street Greek, Zambrero and Travel Associates.

PEPR’s work with corporate and ASX-listed partners including Mirvac and Flight Centre Travel Group has solidified the agency’s reputation for developing effective communications strategies including mitigation of reputational damage during times of crisis.

Government clients have included the South Australian Tourism Commission, the Royal Thai Consulate, the French Tourist Board, Visit Britain, Coffs Coast Tourism, Tourism Fiji and the Dutch Consulate-General.

PEPR has also worked extensively in the health and wellness sphere with clients including COMO Hotels & Resorts and Aro Ha wellness retreat in Queenstown.

PEPR has the experience, ability, and capacity to manage large scopes of work whilst remaining agile enough to adapt to the evolving needs of clients.

Importantly, after 16 years in business, the depth of PEPR’s media contacts is unrivalled, from traditional publishers to EGN media and influencers.

With a team of seven full-time and three part-time staff, PEPR offers more than 60 years combined PR experience in Australia and overseas across commercial, non-profit and government environments.

Our Team

Philip Engelberts

Celebrating 17 years of PEPR Agency in 2020, Philip has built a team of dynamic professional communicators with specified varied strengths. He has thrice been awarded “Communicator of the Year” by the Australian Society of Travel Writers.

Jenny Wills

Jenny is PEPR’s go-to Account Director when the job involves high level strategy, stakeholder engagement and creative writing. She has led the Mirvac account for 9 years with strategic counsel and strategies to support marketing and brand campaigns.

Anna Mansfield

Anna is Account Director at PEPR Agency and brings a passion for food, wine, design, travel and books to her role. During her years at PEPR she has conceived and implemented strategic campaigns for numerous clients in hospitality, tourism, corporate finance and publishing.

Lisa Green

A former editor of some of Australia’s leading publications, Lisa founded GreenScenes Media in 2019. A newspaper-trained journalist she has launched and revitalised magazines, newspaper sections, books, websites, EDMs, social media brands and homewares – always with audience, brand and outcomes at heart. Lisa is a long-time PEPR collaborator, well-known for engaging consumers with original ideas, perfectly pitched. She has worked on mass and luxury brands and has deep lifestyle experience - Home, Design, Architecture, Sustainability, Food, Fashion and Travel.

Chloe Curtis

With a background in the arts, Chloe has built up a wide range of lifestyle contacts at PEPR Agency. With a great eye for detail, she excels at media fam and event management and execution of social media strategies.

Jane Jones

Jane Jones Jane is PEPR’s valued bookkeeper and has been in charge of the agency’s books for 9 years.